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Dog Bathing

The power of a deep cleaning should never be underestimated when it comes to your furry friend. Deep spa bath treatments will help your dog feel relaxed, and show them how much they are truly loved and appreciated.


Let Clip & Dip Pet Grooming give your dog the best bath of their life! With attention to detail and customized baths for your dog's specific breed, our bathers are trained, experienced, well known throughout the area for their clean and comforting bathing techniques.

Get a thorough cleaning for your pet

Dog bathing for all breeds and sizes

  • Spa bath

  • Glands expressed

  • Medicated - Specialized treatment for common skin conditions

  • Flea bath

  • De-shed bath

Relaxing baths for your canine

Dog Bathing

Call the team with more than 22 years of experience for your dog's next bath!


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  • Ear cleaning

  • Hair removal

  • Blow dry

  • Pedicure and nail polish

  • Face trim

  • Sanitary Cut