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Pet Grooming, Pet Spa, and Pet Boarding


Your dog is a member of the family and it's important that he or she is clean and properly groomed to maximize their joy! Get the reliable grooming services you need from our licensed and insured professionals with more than 18 years of experience.


Your dog will be loved and cared for in a comfortable environment that makes them feel like they're home! As dog lovers, Clip & Dip Pet Grooming pays close attention to all our pups to create a pleasant experience and assure any fear or anxiety is reduced.

Quality dog grooming from head to toe!

Services with our trained professionals include:

  • Ear cleaning

  • Hair removal

  • Blow dry

  • Pedicure and nail polish

  • Face trim

  • Dematting

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Professional dog grooming services

  • Spa treatment

  • Sanitary cut

  • Breed specific/preferred cuts

  • Brush and comb out

  • Bath included

  • Glands expressed

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